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Hiring quality Nearshore Sr Level Engineers faster than the competition 

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U.S. Companies need to demand total transparency from their Software Outsourcing vendors in order to mitigate risk!

IMO there's been an ongoing war for talent in California since the late '90s. Emerging markets and the breakneck speeds in which companies need to deliver contextually relevant products to clients are struggling to keep up with the exponential demand. This is a HUGE challenge as Top talent is fleeing the region. Competition, rising real estate costs and... have you seen the ridiculous prices to rent a studio apartment in Silicon Valley? Read more about this exodus here.

The struggle is quite evident even during the pandemic as Apple and Uber are starting to tap into Mexico for bright engineering minds. This past year, two of our Sr Engineers working from our Software Engineering offices in Tijuana, Baja California, joined them. Were we frustrated by those events? Not! This was encouraged because our business algorithm is based on ALTRUISM. What I mean is that we use all our financial gains to support our engineers' prosperity. Unlike many outsourcing firms in Tijuana, we aim to lead this new movement that will undoubtedly shake the old school business foundations in the Baja region (I enjoy that aspect)

CFO Jesus Romero sharing our Altruistic Software Engineering mission with the world

Taking head-on Common Nearshore Software Outsourcing Problems - threading the gap.

What I've discovered in the past 20+ years working in the Software industry is that at the end of the day it is all about people. The global market creates products and services consumed by people. People give and take away value depending on their regional or international politics. Software Outsourcing was created to fill the talent gap by maximizing investments while reaping tremendous amounts of profits. Who benefitted? Well, not the employees especially in Mexico as most Engineers are still used as a commodity.

The worst experience in my life came from a previous Tijuana Software Outsourcing employer that absolutely, and still to this day, curates a cult-as-a-culture, driven by greed and toxic management.

How can machiavellian Software Outsourcing companies change their behavior?

By providing something they can't - a nurturing environment that focuses on high pay and career growth. The engineer's work will have an impact while working on new exciting technologies.

This is a stepping stone forged on intellectual capability rather than treating talent as task executioners. When Top talent in Mexico is valued and the employer invests in their prosperity (High wages, benefits, learning), that individual is committed and focused. Long term commitment is key, and the thought of keeping everyone going full speed by giving them some free tacos and craft beers is an incredibly flawed strategy.

Scientific Framework to generate Software Engineering Certainty

So, after that long rant that motivates me every single day to pursue this Altruistic adventure, I'm determined to make an impact by doing the right things, with the right people at the right time. Helping U.S. Business Ideas materialize with amazing technical talent that is fostered, nurtured and driven by excellence. Clients prosper and so does our staff, so does the Bi-National economy.

This proven approach enables us to glean diamonds in the rough while curating an engineering culture of excellence. Thus coming to the most important part of this personal story which is why it is highly important that outsourcing companies not only pay what engineers deserve to be paid but to be transparent with their clients where their profits go.

U.S. Companies need to demand more transparency from their Outsourcing vendors in order to mitigate risk

Industry Disruption: Framework Science Philanthropic Venture that focuses on an open and transparent symbiotic business relationship

  • We provide all our clients a Total Service Cost Online Calculator that itemizes salary, taxes, benefits and operational gains.
  • We focus on sourcing, recruiting and validating from 1.4 Million Software Engineering talent in Mexico and our process is always improving
  • We prepare and guide our clients through the onboarding process to seamlessly align with their culture.
  • We provide "Build Operate Transfer Options" to keep the knowledge base within the client's business and to help them get a foot into the global arena if they choose to do so.
  • Our clients help us nurture more opportunities for women to get into technology by participating in our training boot camps and hackathons
  • The office space is democratic and open to ease collaboration across all agile software development teams
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Recruitment Process Algorithm

Needs Analysis

FS TechOps reviews Client Business Objectives, Technical Stacks and Architecture strategy tied to the job description and helps create a contextually relevant Job description with core requirements aligned to client company culture

Job Requisition

FS TechOps then presents FS Recruitment Team with Job Requisition tied to client business objectives to help craft personalized communication to potential candidates and for recruiting team to understand core technical requirements.

Preliminary Search

Recruiting team performs preliminary search inside FS Talent Database and provide first findings to FS TechOps for calibration and/or candidate Technical interview (Before presenting to the client)

FS Technical Evaluation

After preliminary Candidate search calibration first round of selected candidates are given a Technical Reviews / Testing [CODERBYTE TESTING INTEGRATION] to validate Technical Alignment and Work Style.

Client Candidate Review

FS Recruiting Team then adds accepted candidates from FS TechOps review/testing to a Online Folder along with candidate tracking sheet to coordinate interviews, obtain client feedback and move candidates to the next stage

Client Candidate Evaluation

The client selects the candidate for Technical Interviews and FS Recruiting Team then coordinates interviews between the Candidate and the client by setting up a video call.

Client Candidate Feedback

The client interviews the candidate and then provides feedback whether the candidate is accepted, rejected or needs more interviews. All rejection feedback is relayed to FS TechOps to calibrate with FS Recruiting department

Candidate Acceptance

Upon candidate acceptance Recruiting team informs FS CEO and CFO in order to generate a Total-Cost-Quote before extending and offer to the candidate. If the quote is accepted FS Extends offer and reports back to client upon candidate accepting the offer.

We are on a mission in 2020 so if you see us popping up at one of the SoCal Tech events Online [Eventually physically], make sure to say hello and ask for Kevin (He's the astronaut in our office in TJ)

Nearshore Sr level software engineers Tijuana Baja California Mexico
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